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Enjoy your vacation on a perfect day, we will show you a wonderful trip in Jogja . will introduce you. Introduce you, one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Jogja, which is the tire tubing activity that they call Goa Pindul [Gua Pindul] in this cave that we can enjoy a lot of stone Ornament they called Stalagtite, Stalagmite and Crystal stone and the Pindul cave they Start to do this activity since 2010 cause before they use this cave for tourism the people around only use for farming of the swallow bird nest cause the goal this activity is for sustainable developmend and to care the nature and base on from story the people around this cave in long time ago also for meditation place so don’t be surprised if in this cave still have a myth and it’s could be nice myth cause if the visitor can touching the stalagmite in the second chamber and especially is Men they will be more mighty and the second myth for the Woman if passing under the stalagtite stone and get the water droped on their face the Woman could be more beautyfull and youthfull and in this cave the visitor can see a lot of bat still enjoy stay in the cave. also in this cave there is part for doing jump and swimming it will be more fun.

And basicly this cave have 350 meter lengt and consist of three Chamber it’s like bright, darknes and very darknes and the deep of the water is 1 to 12meter deep with water spring so especially in the summer season this water very clean and sweet. And to exploring this cave the visitor no need worried cause pindul cave it’s safe for everyone cause the visitor will get triple protection it’s  like Guide, jacket floater and float tire. it will Includes with ticket price. So…what you waiting for…

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